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she/her | 🇵🇭 Manila, Philippines

A knack for all kinds of research, design, mentoring, and guiding others into the industry is just a sneak peek into who I am. From e-commerce, social entertainment, to educational technology and beyond, my horizon is only beginning to open up... .. and I'd love to be a part of your company's journey in creating impact for your users. Have a look around! 👀

Portfolio is under construction!

Cultivated in design spaces

student organizations, a consultancy agency, and a start-up led me to where i am now

Diverse experiences for broader understanding

I'm always open to new experiences, different paces, and meeting people along the way

Role Experience

Product Designer @ AcadArena (Nov 2021 - Now)

Co-Founder @ Spec Studios (Nov 2021 - Now)

Chief Product Officer @ Murch Shop (May 2020 - Now)

UX Researcher @ Kumu (Nov 2020 - Oct 2021)

UX Assistant Intern @ Kumu (June - Sept 2020)

Product Design Intern @ Fieldwork Studio (June - Aug 2020)

UX Intern @ SCALE Solutions (Sept - Nov 2020)


Chief Human Resources Officer @ Google Developer Student Clubs - Loyola (2020)

Secretary-General @ UX Society (2020)

VP for Human Resources @ UX Society (2019)


UX Researcher @ Websites That Sell (Dalton State)

UX Researcher @ UX Society

UX Design & Research @ DTI Nueva Ecija


Protothon UX Hackathon 1st Runner Up (2020)

McMaster Design League Grand Champion (2021)

Deep diving for meaningful ideating

I'm in my journey of mastering how research and ideation is meant to be deep, yet clear & concise


1:1 Interviews

Focus Group Discussions

Moderated & Unmoderated User Testing

Affinity Mapping, Journey Mapping


Data Analysis

Tools: Notion, GSuite, Zoom, User Testing, Optimal Workshop


Ideation Workshops & Methods

Stylescaping, Brand consistency

Wireframing, Low-fidelity, High-fidelity

Tools: Figma + Figjam, Whimsical, Miro

Delightful practices for impactful story-telling

I believe growth in the fields of research and design is not only through what we can do, but also how well we can bridge everything together


Meaningful Facilitation → Every meeting is meaningful when structured and prepared for with utmost deliberacy

Valuable Documentation → Not just taking notes, but crafting documents and spaces that are impactful long-term

Clear & Concise Presentation → Communicating findings and recommendations in a digestible and actionable manner

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